Worship God

Maybe you are worried about expanding government control and rising taxes. Maybe you are worried about the loss of religious liberty in this country. Let me encourage you: if you have been born again, no one can undo the new life God has wrought in you. If you trust in Jesus, no one cane make you stop believing him. If the Holy Spirit lives in you, no one can take him away. If others take all your money and use it to persecute Christians, even imprisoning and martyring some, they cannot take from you the hope that Jesus will come. 

Jesus will judge. Jesus will do righteousness. Jesus will come for his bride. God will grant access to the Edenic temple-city of the new heaven and new earth, and all who have called on the name of the Lord will see God’s face. The best thing about your life then – namely, God – is the best thing about your life now. 

No one can take God’s love from you. No one can remove the fact that God did not spare Jesus, that God has accomplished his elaborate plan to redeem his children. 

Do you live that way? Does your study of the Bible reflect these realities? Do you pray like God is the best part of your life? Do your desires show it to be so? Pray that God would make it so right now. Pray that God would help you to know him as the best part of your life. He is. So pray that he would make you feel it and know it and live it.

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