Reading is FUNdamental

One of the great joys of 2018 has been reading through the New Testament. A couple of summers ago our church was encouraged to spend the summer reading through the Psalms. And the reading plans have just continued since! Each day has been so timely. The joy of reading God’s Word is that this is when we hear him speak. Think about how this then affects prayer. Prayer is when I get to speak to God. And so when I read God’s Word, hear him speak, I then in prayer I get to speak to God. A conversation, a communion, is taking place! And it just leads me to say, “Reading is FUNdamental!”

There are also some good books to be reading. Good books are written by good authors and are called good because they help us in knowing God better and walking with him. And so, here are a few good books to spend the summer reading:

Lloyd-Jones on the Christian Life by Jason Meyer.

Busy for Self, Lazy for God by Nam Joon Kim.

How to Finish the Christian Life by George and Don Sweeting.

5 Things to Pray for your Church: Prayers that change things for the life of your church by Rachel Jones.

Reading is for our joy.


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