Putting Pen to Paper

I quickly called this “Putting Pen to Paper.”  That is quite a strange title, is it not? What else would there be to do with a pen? It was the quickest title I could come up with in a short amount of time. I thought it clever at first. But it is actually just a way to say that I had to get my thoughts out on paper.

I am 37 years old. I have never thought much about being 37 years old until this past Saturday. I was writing out my sermon notes for Genesis 35. This chapter acts as the closing scene to the life of the patriarch Jacob. And the best estimation is that in this closing scene Jacob is at or near 70 years old. He is finishing his journey. It was a journey that began in Genesis 28 when Jacob was just 40 years old. And that is when it hit me – that is about my age. I am almost 40.

It causes some evaluation, some inventory taking. What have I been doing for the last 37, almost 40 years? That is some time to consider. Then in just looking at the life of Jacob, his life is so transparent in the Bible, what about the next 30 years? That seems to be the line in some country song, I am sure. What if God is so gracious to give me another 30 years? What will I do with those years?

And for some reason, Saturday evening, I had this desire to read a biography; a good, challenging biography. Sunday morning when I entered my office at the church, there it was. A biography. A good, challenging biography. God has granted a dear friend of mine a book ministry. And he thought I would like to read a newer biography on the life and ministry of Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Is that not amazing? It made me think this evening how incredible it is that God, the omniscient God knows our every thought (cf. Psalm 139). And what does God do with that knowledge?

It is a biography, a recent biography, by Jason Meyer. I had to read the foreword and the introduction twice only because each are worth their weight in gold. Anyway, one statement in particular pierced me. Of D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones it was said, “The Doctor…” He was a medical doctor before he was a preacher. Perhaps he was a twentieth century version of the nineteenth century Charles Spurgeon. Yes, if you are familiar with Spurgeon, Dr. Lloyd-Jones had that kind of preaching impact. “The Doctor never got over how far down the Most High God came to save him.”

I think this it. I think this is what I have been longing for or missing. To never get over how far down the Most High God came to save me. Being a Christian was the most wonderful thing in the world to him.

It took the book ministry of a dear friend to get me one sentence or two that I might delight in God on a Tuesday evening.


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